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Structural Washers, DIN 6916 / EN 14399 Part 6

The information below lists the required dimensional, chemical and physical characteristics of Hardened&Structural Washers, DIN6916/EN14399 Part 6, in this purchase order.  If the order received does not meet these requirements, it may result in a supplier corrective action request, which could jeopardize your status as an approved vendor.  Unless otherwise specified, all referenced consensus standards must be adhered to in their entirety.


Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions and Workmanship:DIN 6916,EN 14399 Part 6

● Material and Mechanical Properties:

    Carbon Steel quenched and tempered to 300-370 HV

    (Approximate conversion 32-40 HRC)

● Available Finishes:

    – Plain w/light protective oil.

    – Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG).

    – Dacromet

    – Customized.

● Material Test Report:

    The MTR must have documented lot traceability, including full chemical and mechanical figures, to the specification(s) above.