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Conical Spring Washers, DIN 6796 HS

Conical Spring Washers are in principle a load washer with a smaller outer diameter than those in DIN 6796. A notable feature of Conical Spring Washers is the slightly curved form, which provides a progressively increasing characteristic curve. Despite the smaller ourside dimensions, this makes it possilbe to achieve the same load as the load washers as per DIN 6796.
These Conical Spring Washers are primarily used when the space available is insufficient for standardized load washers.


Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions:See dimensions above.

● Available Materials:

    – Carbon Steel SAE 1060.

● Available Finishes:

    – Phosphated.

    – Plain w/light protective oil.

    – Zinc plated clear (ZC).

    – Zinc plated yellow (YZ).

    – Customized.