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Structual Washers, ASTM F436, Thru- Hardened

ASTM F436 washers are specifically designed for use with A325 and A490 high strength structural bolts. This washer up to and including 1-1/2 inch in bolt size shall be through hardened. And washers over 1-1/2 inch may be either through hardeded or carburized at the option of the manufacturer.
When ASTM A490 bolts are pretensioned in connected material of specified minimum yield strength less than 40 ksi, ASTM F436 washers shall be used under both the bolt head and the nut.

Specification Requirements:

● Standard:ASTM F436, TypeⅠ

● Material and Mechanical:Per ASTM F436, TypeⅠ; 38-45 HRC

● Available finishes:

    – Zinc plated clear (ZC).

    – Zinc plated yellow (YZ).

    – Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG).

    – Mechanically deposited.

    – Customized.