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Safety Washers, DIN 9250

This range of Safety Washers is based on the Disc Spring concept. The washer has the unique feature of radial serrations on both the concave and convex surfaces. When tightened to near capacity these serrations bite into the mating surfaces, thus preventing the loosening of the screw due to vibration and other similar circumstances.
The Safety Washer offers a reduced outside diameter compared with a conventional Disc Spring Washer. This corresponds to most screw head sizes and is very compatible with the hexagonal socket type screw.


Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions:    See dimensions above.

● Available Materials:

    – Carbon Steel SAE 1060.

    – Stainless steel.

● Available Finishes: 

    – Phosphated.

    – Plain w/light protective oil.

    – Zinc plated clear (ZC).

    – Zinc plated yellow (YZ).

    – Stainless steel.

    – Customized.