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Flat Washers, DIN 125

A Flat Washer (or "Plain Washer") is a flat annulus or ring, often of metal, used to spread the load of a screwed fastening, and prevent damage to the surface being fixed, or provide some sort of insulation such as electrical. Additionally, a Plain Washer may be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fixing nut. The Term Washer is also often used for disc shaped devices used as grommets.


Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions:    DIN 125 Part 2, Type A

● Material:    Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel

● Mechanical Properties:    Hardness class 300 HV per DIN 125; 140-250 HV

● Finish:

    – Plain w/light protective oil.

    – Zinc plated clear (ZC).

    – Zinc plated yellow (YZ).

    – Stainless steel.

    – Customized.