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Medium Split Lock Washers, Mechanically Deposited Zinc

A split washer, a locking washer or a spring lock washer is a ring split at one point and bent into a helical shape. This causes the washer to exert a spring force between the fastener´s head and the substrate, which maintains the washer hard against the substrate and the bolt thread hard against the nut or substrate thread, creating more friction and resistance to rotation. Applicable standards are ASME B18.21.1, DIN 127B, and United States Military Standard NASM 35338 (formerly MS 35338 and AN-935).



Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions:ASME B18.21.1.

● Material & Carbon Steel per SAE J403 1055-1065.

● Hardness:HRC 38 to 46

● RoHS:Mechanical Zinc Per ASTM B695, Class 5, Type 1 (Clear).

● Finish:Finish shall be in compliance with European Union Directive 2002/9 5/EC.