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Conical Spring Washers, DIN 6908

Conical Spring Washers have been specifically developed for high-strength bolts in the strength classes 8.8 - 10.9 as per DIN ISO 898 Part 1 - SAE Grade 5. The loads of Conical Spring Washers have been matched to these bolts and are 70 to 90% of the bolt load in the flat state. They are most effective on axially loaded short bolts where they increase the axial compliance.
It should be noted that these Load Washers are highly stressed components and are therefore only recommended for static or infrequent varying load applications.


Specification Requirements:

● Dimensions: DIN 6908

● Available Materials:

    – Carbon Steel SAE 1060.

    – Stainless Steel.

● Available Finishes:

    – Phosphated.

    – Plain w/light protective oil.

    – Zinc plated clear (ZC).

    – Zinc plated yellow (YZ).

    – Mechanical Zinc.

    – Stainless steel.

    – Customized.