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2013-09-06Analysis of Fastener Mainstream Market in 2013 Fasteners on the market has become standard parts, which is two or more parts or as a whole fastening components used when a general class of mechanical parts . Fasteners are the most widely used machine parts , in great demand , in order to allow the fastener industry practitioners more in-depth understanding of China´s fastener industry , give you an analysis of China´s fastener industry, the mainstream market. Subsistence type : This is the size of the city can be seen in China ´s most popular screw shop using the form . Wherein there is a small shop , some stock , about 10 - about 200,000 , monthly sales to 10 000 3,5 000 or 10 , the fastener industry to become the main force in the retail terminal system . Customers generally maintain subsistence lack the ability to sell , basically " shopkeeper " instead of " salesmen " form, each store relying on years of "passive " results barely storefront spending a few benefits of a direct relationship between customer affect their income situation . Increase in the sales price is no way the case , as far as possible to find low-priced stock , even if the poor quality of some of it does not matter , therefore , the "price " has become a decisive factor. Rely on fellow relationship relatives and thrifty virtues of these mom and pop shops to survive . Wholesale type: the specifications , large inventory , low prices for the feature, become the industry a wholesaler , bear a regional market to small and medium business sales , distribution, transport functions , generally have one thousand square meters of warehouses , delivery vehicles. For example : Guangdong Kin Sang , Dongguan, Shanghai and Jiangsu, Fujian, Chang Ying , Jiangsu World , Shenyang Wanquan other wholesalers , the annual average amount of consumption at 50 million or more. Run single type : also this as a form of reason , because this is definitely an easy to overlook but can not be neglected groups . The so-called easy to overlook , because these operators do not shop, do not even need the first line , it is not easy to see ; called can not be ignored is because most of these operators to survive , there must survive. Generally from the original enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises out of access to information, relations firm, Gregory is characterized by high , providing "full " service. Such as the traditional " supporting plants " , as well as projects , etc., a considerable part of the completion by a single run . Professional: also known as " fastening system type", generally constituted by the foreign institutions in China , such as BOSSARD, Wuerth , Hilti , Hui fish. Wholesale sales model is not taken too non-retail , in general, professional agency to provide technical support , and even direct customer service . This is not a simple direct sales , but the product , service, brand and security be sold . General services end customers are foreign large enterprises , the state public works employees generally higher level of education , with good quality and have ongoing education and post graduate opportunities.
2013-08-202013 Fastener Expo Guangzhou Opening Time:12-14th, Nov 2013 Tuesday~Thursday 9:00 a.m. ~ 16:30 p.m.Venue:Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou (No.1000 Xingang East Road,Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China)Estimate Scale:Exhibitors and Booths: 300 exhibitors (with more than 550 standard booths),11300 sqm Visitors: 1,000 oversea visitors, 15,000 domestic visitorsOrganizer:Shanghai Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd.www.ChinaFastener.comwww.Luosi.comOverseas Agency:China Fastener Group LimitedDesignated Mediawww.ChinaFastener.com
2013-08-08Shanghai Tower tops out in LujiazuiThe Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and the second-tallest in the world, was topped out in Lujiazui, Pudong, on Aug 3rd, 2013.The tower, which is projected to be completed and put into operation in 2015, is 632 meters high and has 125 stories. It has a total floor area of 410,000 square meters. Integrating office, luxury hotel, entertainment and retail space, the tower will become an invigorating landmark in Shanghai and will attract a number of famous multinational companies. "The Shanghai Tower will be a building for corporate headquarters and a standing Wall Street," said Wang Hua, deputy director of the management committee of Lujiazui finance and trade district. It is estimated that over 30,000 people will work, sightsee, shop or register at hotels here daily.With the topping out of the Shanghai Tower, the Lujiazui trio will together be the driving force for the financial district and for all of Shanghai. To some extent, the three skyscrapers represent the three phases of Lujiazui´s development. The Jin Mao Tower represents the first phase, the reorganization of the buildings constructed by State-owned enterprises; the Shanghai World Financial Center symbolizes the second phase, the introduction of foreign capital into Lujiazui; and the Shanghai Tower denotes a creative and innovative age, where the industrial ecology of Lujiazui will be diversified and the industrial functions will be strengthened, according to Wang Hua.The Shanghai Tower is a long-term construction project by the Shanghai municipal government. As early as 1993, when Pudong began to reform and open-up, the place where the Shanghai Tower, the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center are now located was chosen for development as a supertall skyscraper complex. Shanghai Tower and its two adjacent skyscrapers have been dubbed "kitchen utensils" by netizens, as they resemble a bottle opener, whisk and syringe respectively. You can make a guess and figure out what are they?
2013-07-3060 tonnes of Eiffel Tower trinkets seized in ParisPARIS - Paris police have seized 60 tonnes of miniature Eiffel Towers that black-market vendors were hoping to sell to tourists.Paris is one of the world´s top destinations, visited by about 29 million tourists a year, but with the holidaymakers comes an influx of bootleg souvenirs, from replica towers to fake Hermes scarves.Police play a cat and mouse game with the mostly immigrant sellers who flood the top tourist sites, taking business from the authorised vendors and paying no taxes.Police said on Thursday the tin trinkets, brightly coloured and barely 8cm high, were seized on Tuesday from a warehouse near Le Bourget airport north of Paris. A woman of Chinese nationality was in police custody.Police said in a statement they had also raided an office in Paris´ Marais district where some 100 black-market sellers per day would buy replica Eiffel Towers to sell on, seizing thousands more models and over 150,000 euros in cash.However, police are hindered by the inability of over-stretched courts to prosecute the waves of illegal sellers, many of whom come from Senegal and India.When sellers are caught, their goods confiscated but they are released because most are unable to pay a maximum fine of 3,750 euros ($5,000). Few are sent back to their home country - a bureaucratic process plagued by delays, authorities say. ($1 = 0.7555 euros)
2013-07-25CRC prohibited from bidding on Brazil’s high-speedChina´s only high-speed rail (HSR) operator China Railway Corporation (CRC) will not be allowed to compete for Brazil´s HSR construction project due to a high-speed train accident in 2011, the 21st Century Business Herald reported Wednesday.According to the Brazilian government, any railway operator with accidents in the past five years is banned from bidding, said Hélio Mauro Franca, director of the Brazilian Enterprise for Planning and Logistics, as quoted by the report. The report said that the CRC, a commercial enterprise that spun off from the nation´s former Ministry of Railways this year, is not qualified for the bidding because of a high-speed rail crash two years ago in Wenzhou, East China´s Zhejiang Province. On July 23, 2011, two high-speed trains collided on a viaduct in the suburbs of Wenzhou. The two trains derailed each other, with four cars falling off the viaduct. A total of 40 people were killed and about 200 were injured.The Chinese company can, however, provide rail car parts, said Franca, noting that there is no ban on parts."China´s HSR has yet to be exported abroad," an unnamed staff member at the public relations office of Changchun Railway Vehicles Co, a Chinese rolling stock manufacturer under China CNR Corporation, was quoted by the report as saying.Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, director general of the International Union of Railways (UIC), was cited by the 21st Century Business Herald as saying that the reason there have been no exports of -Chinese HSR is because China´s railway infrastructure and equipment manufacturing have focused on domestic HSR network construction.The report cited an insider as saying that the obstacle is not technology, but finding a way to break through market barriers, with the most difficult challenges being qualifying for complex foreign technology certifications and bidding procedures.High investment returns as well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have global HSR companies setting their sights on the Brazilian project, according to the report.The project´s total budget amounts to around $17.8 billion and revenue is expected to be three times the investment when the project is completed.